Business Meeting


Fall/Winter 2020

We work with the biggest industry leaders both locally and globally. INVERAX is proud to announce that since June 2020, we partnered with New Horizon Capital (NHC) and represent their leading, state-of-the-art, disruptive European Fund operated through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ultramarine Technology. This agreement includes exclusive rights for the US and LATAM markets.


New Horizon Capital / Océano Capital

Océano Capital corrects the way we invest in this first truly digital era that combines economics and technology in a way that no one had anticipated before. We do this by researching and creating the most advanced principles of artificial intelligence and computer infrastructure for a new financial world. A world that is much more global, fast and dynamic than the one we used to know. A world that presents itself with new challenges, problems and new needs, but also with new opportunities, technologies and tools.

Welcome to Océano FX, the new horizon of intelligent investing in our brand new world.

OCEANO FX is an investment fund that operates in the foreign exchange market (FOREX).

It combines third generation Artificial Intelligence with the laws of cybernetics, system dynamics, network science and a deep understanding of the real economy.

Investments & Partners



Chemikor is an international trading and distribution channel company, with an energy and chemical oriented business model. Most of the products Chemikor offers are highly acclaimed Eco-Friendly innovations.


Hyundai Fine Chemical

Since June 2017, Inverax signed a sales license agreement with Hyundai Fine Chemical for the Latin American markets, including different products such as Eco-Friendly Oil, Gasoline, Lubricants and Dust Inhibitors.


Mobile Universal Innovations (MUI) is a Value-Added-Services developer, enabler and provider for international global carriers. MUI supplies state-of-the-art solutions for the mobile entertainment industry content, including music, games, e-learning, e-reading, kids, beauty & health, adult entertainment and sports.